About Kitchen Catastrophes


I am a baker by hobby, photographer by necessity, and by no means a professional.

On this blog you will find my “baking projects”, that range from fairly tame to slightly insane. While I also like to bake everyday desserts, there are so many good recipes out there for those. The purpose of this blog is for me to catalog and share the unique and fun desserts that I make, as well as the trial and error of learning new techniques. They aren’t always successful, but I always post them with an honest review and a star rating out of 5. I also post pictures and the occasional video (I’m still working out some kinks with that).

If you want to recreate one of my recipes, please read the review and star rating first. Also, feel free to contact me in the comments about tips, modifications, or recommendations.

I post a bit sporadically. I aim for about 1-2 posts a month, but the “special occasion” nature of most of my desserts means they can eat up a whole weekend. Subscribe below to get email notifications when I post (you can manage notifications and unsubscribe at any time!